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​​Keilana Mendez Munden, is 11 years old and loves nature and animals, she plans to be a veterinarian or a zoologist one day,  travel to Africa and all over the world.

Keilana's mother, Melanie MM an international rug designer with a background in fashion design, Keilana caught the creative bug…

Keilana decided that she would also start her own line of clothing for tweens with animal and nature. 

Every summer she takes horseback riding, she simply adores horses! Her love for the outdoors has grown even more with the ocean right outside her backyard! Keilana enjoys swimming and free diving and is dedicated to cleaning the ocean floor! This past October she took lessons in SCUBA diving to better learn about the ocean. 

Who dares snorkel at SHARK ALLEY in Belize? She does! This girl has experienced swimming with eels, manta rays, sharks, stingrays, turtles in the Belize Barrier Reef. Although, Hawaii is her favourite destination and have experienced the wildlife and see creatures there, her favourite, was swimming with a dolphin. 

Keilana has visited many wildlife sanctuaries in Australia, reluctantly petting a wallaby and kangaroos, Of course, and how can you NOT pet a Koala!?  

Have you felt black volcanic sand between you toes? Keilana has… black sand beaches in Rotorua, New Zealand and breaking bread in the village with the Maori people. 

AND in the Philippines she even touched  fruit bats, birds, snakes, held monkeys, alligators, parrots, and even experienced a sting from a toxic jelly fish!!

Keilana says…
“ I am grateful for my parents because we were always surrounded with art, museums, different cultures, design, food and travel AND now living in Nova Scotia and near the beach and the ocean, I am surrounded with NATURE constantly! …. I was inspired…. I hope you like our collection and care about our world too! ” 
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