*You must be graduating grade 9 or 12 attending semi-formal or prom in need of a prom or semi-formal dress.

* Write an essay on what you can do, how you can help, stop, prevent bullying in your school and community.

OR A true story of your bullying experience at school

email to

*All submissions are reviewed by a

panel in mid-April.

* Contest ends end of April.

what you win:


A gorgeous dress by Posh Dresses

Makeup by Beauty by Heidi Amelia

Hair Up Do by Hair Factory

Custom designed earrings by Ellaments by Tanya

Photo Shoot by Jacob Connell Photography




Models, Keilana, Nicole, Chancey

Win your DREAM PROM...

RESPECT an anti-bullying campaign.


We have partnered with Posh dresses to create awareness and dialogue about bullying in schools and in the workplace. We urge the public to get involved and get their children involved in the conversation about bullying in the workplace, schools, and in life in general. Bullying can sometimes also happen at a party or a networking event and even at the grocery store. We all know it happens on Facebook and other social media where we refer to it as cyberbullying.
The prize for the contest will be a prom dress donated by @Poshdresses, a team of a hair stylist, makeup artist, photographer.

all donated by the community. 
If you have experienced bullying or cyberbullying in the past and are graduating in grade 9 or 12 and are in need of a prom dress, then this is a platform for you. We are looking for your story.

The story has to be a true story and describe your feelings and experiences of how life has been for you at school. All names of the bullies and schools will be anonymous at your request, or they can also be accountable if you wish. There will be a panel reviewing the letters with us so that all submissions will be treated fairly.
We know it is hard to talk about it, but children and parents cannot be silent anymore. We must speak out!

Another way to qualify is to write an essay how you can help your follow students speak out, how you can prevent bullying and stop it in your school.

We can't wait what you come up with!